Today, one of Andalucia's oldest and most respected equestrian families will open the doors of a private Cortijo privileged and highly exclusive insight into the traditional Andalusian way of life. The Peralta Family is inextricably linked to the land and horses of Andalucia and has gained esteem through the exceptional equestrian achievements of its members, including Ángel Peralta, the famed Spanish mounted bullfighter known as 'The Centaur of the Marshes', and Luis Astolfi, who represented Spain four times in showjumping at the Olympics. Now, it is grandson Angel Peralta Astolfi who has taken up the mantle of equestrian prowess and it is he who will personally welcome you in an ancient Cortijo Museum and introduce you to the fascinating rural culture of Andalucia, which still plays such an important part in the life of southern Spain.

Angel is now one of the region's leading ambassadors for the sport of Equestrian Performances and will treat you to an exclusive personal demonstration that cannot fail to delight and amaze. Indeed, Ángel is at the forefront of those innovating and pushing the boundaries of this sport and saw him recently perform alongside Spain's most famous violinist, Paco Montalvo, in a unique combination of these two accomplished art forms.

In more modern times, these nimble horses are used for classical dressage, driving, as well as for exquisite 'Andalusian dancing shows' - a choreographed equestrian ballet accompanied by quintessential Spanish music using movements based upon Classical Dressage, Doma Vaquera (country-style riding) and traditional equestrian chores.

Descriptivo de este proyecto a través de una noticia, ahora en el 2020 es cuándo se abre a familias en exclusividad y la aportación de los caballos de Peralta.

• Precio Espectáculo Standard Familiar Mín 5 Pax: 1200€ I.V.A INCLUIDO

• Precio Espectáculo Standard a partir del 6º Pax: 120€/Pax I.V.A INCLUIDO.

  • Acompañamiento de Nerea Berraondo (Mezzosoprano): 250€ I.V.A INCLUIDO (Experiencia completa)

• Exhibición Ecuestre de Alta Escuela, Visita al Cortijo y Capilla como anfitrión Ángel Peralta

•  La experiencia Standard incluye Museo y Casa Principal con guía de la Finca.

Consultar para propuesta de experiencia Deluxe.

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  • Familia 5 Pax Experiencia Completa: 1450€